Hallmarks Franchise Consultancy Solutions (FCS)

We advise and offer customized solutions.

Franchise Consulting Solutions (FCS) is a management consultancy firm. 

We are specialized in franchise and other forms of strategic cooperation between companies and organizations.

Effective advice and results for you

We will assist you and your firm with franchise and legal advice that really will be of some use to you. FCS has an approach that is oriented towards both the market and clients. That means being attentive to market developments and making every effort at continuously improving the performance of our clients.

Our clients appreciate us because of our service, reliability, ability to solve urgent problems as well as our franchise know-how. That’s why we aim to get the best results for you and your organisation – day in, day out.

  • FCS is member of the International Bar Association,
    International Franchising Committee

  • FCS cooperates closely with a network of external advisers for carrying out client-oriented sub-projects.

  • For you and your business, FCS offers expert franchise advice, translated into effective client-oriented solutions.