International franchising & Master franchise

Cross-border cooperation

Cross-border cooperation for selling products and services can be achieved in a number of ways. Contractual freedom, relevant legislation and the standard practice within the industry determine to a large degree the details of (cross-border) cooperation contracts. FCS will help you decide which is the best way for you to achieve your objectives, develop your strategy, and exploit your opportunities.

International franchising, master franchise, distribution & licensing

We have had experience in essentially every type of arrangement utilized in international franchising: direct franchising / licensing; area (or "multi-unit") franchises; subfranchise (or "master franchise") arrangements; "conversion" franchises; "combination" franchises; joint ventures; and, often a combination of these approaches. We have counselled and counsel franchise companies on the impact of laws in particular (European) countries and the range of business terms in certain individual countries.
FCS more specifically advises and supports foreign franchise chains with the introduction of a master franchise in the Netherlands and Dutch franchise chains with the introduction abroad;

Drawing up and screening (franchise) agreements

Whatever way you do business, there is only room for one set of rules and agreements. The details of an agreement, whether it is a franchise, licensing, or distribution agreement, must be clear and tailored to suit the proposed cooperation between the businesses. On a case-by-case basis, FCS can draw up and assess almost every type of contract that governs the working relationship between businesses.